About Me

I'm not the best at talking about myself but I do love talking, and I do love lists. So here are ten random things about me.

  1. I am based in Utah and Kentucky. I call both states "home" but I also travel to other places.  Feel free to get married somewhere really awesome and take me with you. I love adventures.
  2. I can find humor in almost anything. 
  3. I believe that wedding photography is one of the most important details when planning the big day.  It's more important than the flowers, the decor, and even the cake. AND I LOVE CAKE- so that's a big deal.  
  4. I have lately discovered an obsession for baking.  And I have a sweet tooth... french macarons, cupcakes, and any kind of sweet pastry is a weakness. I am also on the hunt for the perfect apple pie recipe.
  5. I'm extremely good at Call of Duty and Halo.  
  6. Father / Daughter dances always make me tear up. 
  7. I believe that we should all root for each other. Everyone. So I fully support EQUALITY in love. #lovewins
  8. I am currently trying to learn how to play the banjo and the mandolin. 
  9. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook
  10. I am a photographer because I believe that every single person has a story to tell- a legacy to pass on. The best way to preserve that is through photography.  I also photograph little ones and high school seniors

If you can relate to any of these things, we should be friends (I am always down for making new friends). Contact me and we can talk more about your day!


I have friends who also take pretty pics. Photo cred to some of the below images goes to Abi Q, Ciara Richardson, and Blush by B